The Never-ending Quest

My earliest memories revolve around family and books.  My mother laughingly tells me that my first word was “book”, my second was “what” and thus began my never-ending quest to learn more about the amazing world around me.  Whether my mother’s story is true or not, it is indicative that my obsession with learning began early, and that obsession has continued on into middle-age.  I have often joked, if only they would pay me to go to school.

Thankfully, my love of reading made learning on my own possible even while I have not always been able to afford formal classes.  The growth of technology in my lifetime, however, has exponentially increased the avenues available to life-long learners to educate themselves through both formal and informal means.  The proliferation of online educational opportunities and technology tools has necessitated an examination of the methods used to both learn and access that learning.

This blog was created to fulfill a requirement for Assessment in E-Learning, the second of five required classes in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  As a life-long learner, I am prone to constantly reflect upon my learning experiences, but up unto this point, I had never utilized blog technology to chronicle my thinking and learning.  As both a learner and educator, I firmly believe that reflection is an important part of the learning process, as it gives a learner the opportunity to assess his or her own understanding.  While I am a bit apprehensive about putting my reflections “out there” for all the world to see, I also look upon blogging as yet another “Learning Adventure.”

To view my work in other classes in this certificate program, please visit my E-Learning Portfolio on Wikispaces.

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2 Responses to The Never-ending Quest

  1. I too struggle with reflection on teaching. Frequently, it’d done while I’m driving home from school: “That didn’t work. I need to change that . . . ” Or, if it was a great lesson, I’ll scrawl a note on it for next year. Blogging will “force” me to reflect on my teaching as well as on my learning.

    I’m always curious about the answer to this question and since you’re a reader, you might have fun answering it: What was the title of the book you first read all by yourself?

    • Lori Carter says:

      Good Question! By the way, I love your pseudonym. The first book that I can remember reading all by myself was a Dick and Jane reader, but the first book that I remember really making an impression on me was Charlotte’s Web. While my parents said that I always had a book in my hand from the time I could carry one, Charlotte is the earliest that I can remember. I remember being so thrilled when I could finally read it on my own, and I still own my original copy. 🙂

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