More Module 2: Better Blogs

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mexicanwave

I have always considered myself a reader, and I am a picky reader which makes writing blog posts a challenge to me.  As a reader, I hold writing in high regard, and I know that my blog posts do not meet the high standards that I hold as a reader of other blogs.  I have followed Wes Fryer’s blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, for awhile and just this week he posted Ten Ways to Write Better Blog Posts.  As I continue my blogging journey, I will keep Wes’s tips in mind.  Instructors using blogs as assessment tools could utilize these excellent suggestions to develop a rubric for evaluating blog posts.

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One Response to More Module 2: Better Blogs

  1. Datta Kaur says:

    Lori, so interesting to hear about your ‘writing standards’ and how it affects your ‘freedom’ to blog. Would be fun to ‘let go a bit,’ as a form of experimentation to determine how much you like or hate the version of freedom. ~ Datta Kaur

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