Fair Use

No one appreciates the intellectual property of others more than me, because as a reader many great authors have given me hours and hours of pleasurable escape through their stories.  Unlike my favorite authors I do not have the gift to imagine characters and worlds and to capture those worlds on paper.  It takes great effort to create, and I want to always respect that effort no matter the medium.

As I have attempted to work on my blog this evening, and in an effort to write better blog posts per Wes Fryer’s suggestions, I have been conscious of finding images that are copyright free or may be used through a creative commons license.  As I begin to utilize Web 2.0 tools in teaching both blended and online classes, I will expect my students to abide by the same rules, and I will assess them accordingly.

Since I teach primarily elementary aged students, it is imperative that I actually teach ethical use and respect for intellectual property.  I cannot expect my students to know what is fair use of material for an educational project.  The video above was created by students at Stanford to explain fair use.  While not all of it will make sense to my students on first viewing, they will recognize the film clips.   Hopefully this will engage the students and, at the very least, ignite their curiosity so that we can talk about respecting intellectual property in the information age.

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