Module 3 Readings: It’s a Brave New World

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Whew!  This has been an overwhelming week in the class, at least for me.  I felt a bit all over the place between the objectives, readings, and activities.  I just could not seem to make them all connect coherently in my brain. 🙂  The readings, however, were interesting and thought provoking.

Written six years ago, Dr. Curtis Bonk’s Article describing thirty emerging technologies  was an interesting read.  It was great fun to see how correct he was in his predictions.  Our discussion this week centered around this article and was quite lively.  I focused my initial post on the use of digital portfolios which lead to a discussion of what makes a good portfolio.   Are all portfolios equal?  What role does purpose play in the creation of a portfolio?  I came to the conclusion that purpose must guide the creation of any portfolio.  For assessment portfolios, I believe an instructor is responsible for giving students the information they need to guide them in selecting the artifacts to include in the portfolio and how much reflection is required.

So many great resources and ideas were presented expanding on the article.  It was also interesting to compare Dr. Bonk’s article to the 2010 Horizon Report.   Some of Dr. Bonk’s ideas are repeated in the Horizon Report as they are just now finding an audience.  Of particular interest to educators, the rise of mobile technologies and e-books will have to change the way we look at where and how learning and reading occur.  Books have been around for thousands of years, virtually unchanged in format.   Just this last week,  Amazon announced that e-book sales had surpassed paperback sales in their store.  It’s a Brave New World.

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