Jigsaw Project – Social Networking in Education

For our mid-term grade, we were required to participate in a Jigsaw Project reviewing the use of Web 2.0 applications for assessment.  I chose to review Edmodo, a private, secure social networking site developed for the educational community.  Readers may read my review of Edmodo on our Web 2.0 Assessment Toolbox Wiki.   While researching Edmodo which uses a platform very similar to Facebook, I discovered a another social networking tool for education called Twiducate. Twiducate provides educators and their students a private social networking forum modeled on the Twitter social network. This video describes the educational goals of Twiducate.



Another type of social networking tool was reviewed by one of my partners. She describes LiveJournal as a combination of a blog and Facebook. Her review emphasizes the use of LiveJournal as a reflective tool with social feedback.

The third tool reviewed for our Assessment Toolbox Assignment, Survey Monkey, is an easy to use and cost effective online survey application. For further information, the full review may be read on the Web 2.0 Assessment Toolbox.

One advantage of putting our toolbox in a Wiki format, is the ability to easily modify, edit and add to our toolbox as we discover new applications with educational uses.

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4 Responses to Jigsaw Project – Social Networking in Education

  1. I was anxious to read your review on Edmoto. From your comments, I think it will work for my summer school class. I was thinking of using it for students to read a book in common and then comment and discuss it via Edmoto. Could do the same thing in a blog; but I think the kids will like it better if it seems more like Facebook.

    Boy, I’m green with envy: 1:1 computers! Anytime I bring the topic up at our technology committees meetings, everybody looks at me like I’m crazy. Actually, I’m originally from Iowa where 1:1 schools are quite prevalent. Maybe I should move back there . . .

    • Lori Carter says:

      Yes, I know, my friend is extremely fortunate and the the things they do are phenomenal! We are working toward a 1:2 ratio at my school at the moment. Hopefully, in the not so distant future this will become a reality.

      We introduced blogs and Edmodo at the same time this year (though in the future, we will implement in stages) and you are correct, the students took to Edmodo immediately because of the similarities to Facebook (although technically, my students are too young for Facebook).

  2. Ellen says:

    I love the idea of using Edmodo for literature circles and for more casual book clubs in schools. I use both Shelfari and GoodReads, but the privacy issues and advertising have made me hesitate to use them in school. Edmodo could be a great solution, although I’d miss the “if you like Y, then you might also like Z” features of the other two. Am I paranoid and just need to get over it?(!)

    • Lori Carter says:

      I love Goodreads, but haven’t kept up my Shelfari since I began to utilize GoodReads. Perhaps, I need to go back and take another look. I did love the bookshelf. I agree, the issues regarding safety and privacy have kept me from utilizing those sites at school since my students are all under 13. It would be fabulous to have something similar for education. Perhaps, you, Denise, and I should get together to develop something similar for the elementary set. I am sure there is a market for it.

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