Blogging for Kids — Kidblogs vs Edublogs

This past week, I set up a class Kidblog site for one of the fifth grade classes at my school.  Both the instructor and students were excited about the possibilities of the application. I was excited that someone at New Hope was finally beginning to utilize Web 2.0 tools, and it was extremely easy to set up as you can see in the video created by Mark Barnes below. (Which means I may actually get some other teachers to try it!)


As a beginning blogger, I have been generally pleased with WordPress so far, although I have found it a bit difficult to embed some content that I wanted to include on my blog — a Voki and a cool revolving globe version of a clustermap.  At this point, I still haven’t been able to embed those items and from my research it seems that this may not even be possible on a WordPress hosted blog. However, my friend’s who blog on Blogger are able to utilize those widgets. Did I choose the best blogging platform for me?

This situation started me thinking about alternative blogging sites for my classes.  I like Kidblog and it seems to be working well, but what else is out there.  Would Edublogs have been a better choice?  Wes Fryer has been exploring this same thought with his Technology for Teachers class this fall, and he posted a great blog entry Comparing Kidblog and Edublogs.  In the post, he also included screencasts on how to embed video in each application which may be helpful to my teachers as they begin to look into blogging with their students.  From his post and the videos, I feel I made the right choice for my school at this time, but as my school, teachers, and students become more familiar with the technology and the applications available, I will keep alternatives in mind.

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3 Responses to Blogging for Kids — Kidblogs vs Edublogs

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    Kidblog is definitely my favorite at this point, compared to the free EduBlogs version. Have you signed up for Comments for Kids?”

    • Lori Carter says:

      Hi, Wes! I haven’t signed up for Comments for Kids; it’s a new resource for me, but it looks great. I would love to be able to utilize it. At this time our blogs are totally private as I am just now getting my administration to give “all this Internet stuff a go.” It may be next year, before they will allow us to go public. It would be terrific for them to receive comments from people outside of our own little world. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. singhb3503 says:

    The revolving globe is very eye-catching. It will become too crowded for popular blogs. For our class projects it seems to work fine. Blogs are indeed a very good thing for children. Once they get started the possibilities are limitless. As Ted stated in his video (posted in our announcement page), we are moving away from memorization to creativity in education.

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