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Failure = The Secret to Success

  Unlike the engineers and management of Honda, teachers and students, being in the education business, often see failure as a bad thing. In Memphis, the city schools have a no failure policy for grades K-3 and a one time … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

I am a perfectionist.  I want to do everything I do to the best of my ability and even then there are times that I am still not pleased with it.  My Type A personality is one reason why I … Continue reading

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Fair Use

No one appreciates the intellectual property of others more than me, because as a reader many great authors have given me hours and hours of pleasurable escape through their stories.  Unlike my favorite authors I do not have the gift … Continue reading

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The Never-ending Quest

My earliest memories revolve around family and books.  My mother laughingly tells me that my first word was “book”, my second was “what” and thus began my never-ending quest to learn more about the amazing world around me.  Whether my … Continue reading

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