Twitter and TweetDeck

One of the greatest technology tools teachers have today is access to immediate professional development through Personal Learning Networks created utilizing common social media applications.  One of the most popular of these social networking apps is Twitter.  I had tried using Twitter as part of my own PLN several times in the last few years.  I never seemed to quite get the hang of it, though I really tried.  Twitter was just overwhelming, a constant stream of chatter and I had no interest in half of it. That situation changed last Thursday.

At the Martin Institute Spring Conference last week, I attended a session on  PLNs for Educators led by my mentors and friends Cathy Kyle, Melissa Smith, Cindy Brock and Kelli Anderson.  During that session, Melissa mentioned a tool called TweetDeck which she utilized to keep up with her PLN on Twitter.  Thanks to Melissa, I am now a convert to the Twitterverse.  To quote Cindy Brock, “I get it! I get it!”

If you want to know more, Josh Stumpenhorst (@stumpteacher on Twitter) created this fantastic tutorial explaining the basics of how to utilize Twitter and TweetDeck.

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