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Module 3: Inspiration — Quite Frankly, I Need Some!

Writing learning objectives is not my favorite thing to do as a teacher.  At least not in the formats required by institutions of higher learning.  (How many schools actually require that objectives be written in educationalese?)  By the time I … Continue reading

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Module 3 Readings: It’s a Brave New World

Whew!  This has been an overwhelming week in the class, at least for me.  I felt a bit all over the place between the objectives, readings, and activities.  I just could not seem to make them all connect coherently in … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

I am a perfectionist.  I want to do everything I do to the best of my ability and even then there are times that I am still not pleased with it.  My Type A personality is one reason why I … Continue reading

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Fair Use

No one appreciates the intellectual property of others more than me, because as a reader many great authors have given me hours and hours of pleasurable escape through their stories.  Unlike my favorite authors I do not have the gift … Continue reading

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Module 3: Edmodo

Module 3 introduced a two-week jigsaw activity.  In this activity group members research specific web-based or other technological tools that could be utilized in the assessment process.  Members of the group then create a cohesive document describing the tools each … Continue reading

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More Module 2: Better Blogs

I have always considered myself a reader, and I am a picky reader which makes writing blog posts a challenge to me.  As a reader, I hold writing in high regard, and I know that my blog posts do not … Continue reading

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Module 2: Blog, Blog, Blog

The second week of Assessment in E-Learning focused upon the use of blogs as an assessment tool.  As part of this module all students in the class were required to create a blog.   I love to read blogs, and … Continue reading

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